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About Us

Art Island is a hyperlocal art collective and creative agency.

We began as a gathering, but have evolved to become a platform for

showcasing, celebrating, and commissioning the arts.


We've had 1000+ guests and 50+ collaborators for in-person and digital events. Our collaborators create spaces, sculptures, exhibits, video, sound-art, and light-art. A fully Art Island event is collaborative on every level- we have live fire and music, custom-build art installations, light bites, and tea service as a drop in and connect space. Locally and nationally recognized content creators document our events, even offering customized photo booths.

A rotating cast of local DJs provides sunshine-drenched deep house, disco, afro, balearic beats from day into night. We publish DJ sets on our soundcloud from DJs across the country, and we're known for hosting fire troupes on their way to and from Burning Man.


During Covid times, we pivoted to hosting online events that champion social justice causes and feature national talent like DJs J Patt (The Knocks) and Gold Chisme. When we returned to in-pesron, we shifted the focus to distanced and no-touch experiences, which sold out in 48 hours and enforced strict safety protocols including mask wearing 100% of the time.

We're on our way to navigating this new world with a balance of digital and in-person contents and experiences and can't wait to keep growing on this journey.

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