Projects + Case Studies

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Passion Flow
Tea Lounge

Tea blends, pillows, carpets, a million lights and a sea of indigo dreams.

Art Island Bestow - Brittany NO FOMO85.jpg


Intimacy Booth

A breezy opportunity for the sexual wellness brand to connect with attendees about playful and intimate topics.



Learning Tree of Light

A commission for an Austin business looking for an iconic installation to travel with, from design to execution to delivery.


AI Original:
The Twerkulator

A program created by our tech team  to help us see in the dark at an all-dark dance party event: bringing motion to life in graphic form!

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Custom Menu

Our culinary producer created a dish to showcase each featured sauce, free for attendees to try.

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Tower of

We built this tower to stand tall as a stage elements at a fire performance and to create interaction and engagement.

Future Front Cheer Ups - Brittany NO FOMO22.jpg

afterglow activation:
Glam Up Lounge

We popped up for Future Front Fest with afterglow at Cheer Up Charlies with a sexy lounge station.


Enter The Ember

Given the themes of the event: witches, fairies, and dragons, we created installations inviting the whimsy for 400+ attendees.


Fire Dance

We commissioned an original fire performance to accompany the debut of Aaron Gray’s sing, Fire Dance, from our EP.




Elevating a typical photobooth by weaving in event branding, experiential meditation, and physical gifts.

Art Island Bestow - Brittany NO FOMO13.jpg

AI x Fail Factory


A one-night hackathon turned into the design and execution of this amazing CNC'd totem.

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AI Original: NTR

(Nethersphere Thought Receiver)

A pandemic events challenge: create touch-free experiences. What resulted was a microcosm of interaction, expression and engagement, from 6 feet away.

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