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Reactive Mushroom Garden

We created a cosmic garden mushroom lounge! Tie dye, galaxy, ground, and glow and magical mushrooms coming to life. 🌌🍄🪴

Collaborated on the engineering and art with @v_o_i_d_z and @thetrexpianist. Used a #kinect to track the galaxies to people and #touchdesigner for the projection mapping.

The giant mushroom cutouts were built by Elli at based on the mushroom image renders.

@just.some.hussy brought her handmade mushroom chairs and grass to help create a garden where people could hang out. @mysticalrosemary added some of her blacklight reactive mushroom plushies as sprinkles on top




Design + Vision: Illustrator 

Porgramming + Engineering: Touch Designer

Reactive Tech: Kinect

Fabrication: Sketch Up, CNC'd wood

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