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3 Minutes of Art Island Bliss

Liz Bryant edited together an incredible montage of all things Art Island Ascension.

Follow the crew Liked what you saw/heard/experienced? Show the love and follow them! Fire: Morgan Baker Floki Singedalot Mae Mori Mystica Fiora Chris Tong Journey Tazz DJS Friday: 9-10:30 Rhonda Rhubicon b2b Shadowsweat 10:30-12:30 Jen Lasher Saturday: 9-10:30: Aaron Gray 10:30-11:30: T-Blank 11:30-1AM: Feed The Light 1AM-2:30AM: Tizane 2:30-3:30AM: Jen Lasher Art Dyar Bentz Felipe Gomez Lauren Schroeder David Haddad Ramadification Sara Roma Derrick Mitchell Adam Zeiner Marcelo Villaseñor Liz Bryant Maria Gotay The Arborists Live painting curated by Unknown Collective Friday: Heike Blakey Jair Piñeros Saturday: Felipe Gomez Sarah Farah Ascension photo pop up Isra and Marcelo Production Team

Maria Gotay

Liz Bryant Dyar Bentz

Marcelo Villasenor

Lauren Schroeder

Alex Rowe

Jen Lasher


We love you, The Art Island Team

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