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Ascension Pop Up Photobooth Gallery

This experience was a collaboration with two of our favorite artists, Isra and Marcelo Villaseñor. Each brought deep expertise in their own realms to together create a mindful expression and capture for our last event, Ascension.

Isra captured video and portraiture while Marcelo's ascension poster art played on top of the subjects' faces and he spoke a guided meditation.

Thank you so much to the team that made this experience as magical for attendees as it was.

“Enter and experience the light, merge the inner and outer worlds, come back to the essence of life. Where all the beginnings and all the ends meet, an awareness of the constant process of rebirth.

Let us all celebrate the expansive novelty of the here and now. We invite you to let the self be guided through this collaborative photo pop-up that aims to hold (and capture) space for our highest selves.”

Infinitely Grateful What an expansive first time! These 2 nights of creative collaboration, celebration, meditation, and connection, filled our hearts to the brim with love and inspiration 🕊

For that & more, we’re infinitely grateful for the Art Island team, and for all who joined in <3 To have collaborated with Isra Sharnez (@is.ra___) was such a blessing and honor. Her authentic intentional presence, admirable artistry, and mindful photographic direction were foundational elements for the elaboration and success of this experiential installation <3

We’re so so grateful for Kayla (@kailia1222) and Aniece (@rooo.hana) for creating such a welcoming introduction and guidance to all our guests, and to Jonathan (@jwillpro) for filming parts of the experience and celebration.

Our intention with this, and with all other collaborations, is to aid each other in this collective process of ascension. We, then, hope that this gallery and transcribed meditation further support that expansive energy. Click here to fill out our post-event survey!

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