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Cosmic Collaborator: Mae Davis

The flow arts are an essential part of art island’s artistic fusion and way underrepresented in the mainstream! We’re here to bring more love and attention to our performers by featuring one of our fave dancers @maemorii as our cosmic collaborator this week <3

Mae came into our orbit when she was fresh to the Austin scene from Jacksonville, Florida and has been lighting up our world ever since. Swipe on to read how 2020 has impacted her flow and expanded her expression, plus, learn about her ecstatic dance project with @takuma_matata!

What’s your full name, pronouns, and IG handle?

Mae Davis, (Mae Mori is performer name if you could put this on the graphic though!) she/her, @maemorii

When did you move to Austin (if you did move to Austin) and where from?

November 2018 from Jacksonville, Florida

What is your primary medium or other mediums you like to create in?:

Mainly my body and fire! I love dance, hula hoops, and have a long background in theatre.

So many of us are multi-media…. If you had to survive on Art Island with just one artistic prop what would it be?

Definitely my trusty pink LED astral hoop - 11/16 27”

How did you first hear of Art Island?

Through Morgan Baker, who I met right after moving to Austin through flow arts!

How did you get involved in Art Island?

Morgan and I have collaborated before when we went to Burning Man in 2019 with Aruna Fire to perform in conclave.

Where and when did you show work or collaborate with the team?

I performed at one of the online shows in the late spring and most recently at the in person Art Island: New Worlds event.

How has your artistic flow during quarantine/COVID times/The ‘rona been?

It has fluctuated more than usual as I am sure many creatives have experienced. All of the reduced social obligations have given me more solo time to focus on what I truly want to invest my energy in. I have spent much more time working on my dance craft and growing in new styles of movement. I have also been enjoying choreography and collaboration!

What’s your favorite artistic expression/project/life-giving experience you’ve had during this time?

Organizing Dance at Dusk with my partner Takuma has been incredibly fulfilling. Dance at Dusk was an open-air ecstatic dance series in the fall we held at the Monkey Tree. Creating a safe, health conscious space for the community to return to each other and heal through movement was incredible! We look forward to starting up again when weather and ‘rona relax again.

What brings you life during the ‘rona?

The little moments of joy shared with my bubble - family dinner with my roomies, random dance parties in the living room, pop up fire jams in backyards.

Favorite Austin gallery/venue/art collective… basically who should we be paying attention to??

Pyrotex and Aruna Fire - two fire collectives composed of artists from all over Texas and Oklahoma.

What do you want most for 2021?

For everyone to feel a release from any pain or troubles of 2020. And for lots of hugs.

What do you want to create in 2021?

More fire group choreography inspired by my theatre background!

What do you want to see Art Island do in 2021?

In person events filled with interactivity! And where we can all enjoy freedom of movement and contact.

Where can we find your work: (online or IRL)

Find me on Instagram and TikTok, @maemorii and follow our ecstatic dance project on Facebook by searching Dance at Dusk


The Cosmic Collaborator Series is a month-long takeover featuring Art Island collaborators from different artistic worlds. We’ll be exploring their art and attitude in the time of the ‘rona. They’ll share their words, their work, and they’ll takeover our stories to showcase a way that they express their art.

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