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Cosmic Collaborator: Namūh

To wrap up our cosmic collaborator series, we’re passing the mic to @namuhsoul! One of our mainstay musicians, he lays original, ambient sounds over multi-genre beats to create a sound all his own!

“Hello! My name is Namūh, music is at the heart of what I create, but my soul really resonates with the arts of all mediums and space. I find myself mixing elements of progressive scores and spacey tones, combined with uplifting healing energy; weaving sound into waves of deep house and other experimental genres.”

What’s your full name, pronouns, and IG handle?

Derek Mobley

Him, His, they, them, theirs | non-binary, straight

Instagram: @namuhsoul

When did you move to Austin (if you did move to Austin) and where from?

I moved to Austin from Kansas, in April of 2017. I had just finished my chapter in the military and had my heart set on diving into Austin’s music and art scene. It’s been amazing to connect, learn from, and collaborate with so many wonderful human beings.

What is your primary medium or other mediums you like to create in?:

I speak through the sound, through the music I create.

I also have a deep love for photography, film, dancing, and writing.

Kayaking as well, that’s a bit like in motion creation with nature and self. OH! And food and baking, let’s be fat and make art in the kitchen haha.

So many of us are multi-media…. If you had to survive on Art Island with just one artistic prop what would it be?

I’d have a totem that had a large pineapple on the top. That had a straw coming out of the pineapple, so there would be an endless stream of pineapple juice on tap. Yup, that’s the tweet. Sweet haha

How did you first hear of Art Island? I was invited to come play some tunes by Ryan back in the beginning of 2018? Time flies, wow. I feel like I had the pleasure of meeting many of you for the first time that night. Good music, food and drink, good people, good vibes, full moon energy, super uplifting and vibey. I don’t think it had a name at the time, but it’s always been about people connecting on the projects, concepts, collabs, life, or pure entertaining conversation.

How did you get involved in Art Island?

I make music! I play music! I dance and connect through music!

It has been a pleasure writing music and crafting DJ sets for the Island. I always aim to bring something special each time there’s an event on the horizon with you guys. Art Island holds a special place in my heart, nothing but love for you guys ~

Where and when did you show work or collaborate with the team?

I have been collaborating with Art Island for nearly two years now, helping with curating deep house experience to immerse the environment in. I am hoping to make music with the team some day, wink wink. Plus! Just going around, taking the time to connect with everyone, helps gain insight on ways we can better impact the local artist and music community. Together we rise.

How has your artistic flow during quarantine/COVID times/The ‘rona been?

I found myself more creative than I have been ever in my entire life. The expanse of emotion and indescribable experiences that I have had this year, man. I have found myself channeling every bit of those experiences, emotions, words, thoughts, into my music. I am extremely grateful for what the music has helped me navigate through.

What’s your favorite artistic expression/project/life-giving experience you’ve had during this time?

I found myself pouring a lot of my heart and soul into a collaborative project: “The Color of Emotion”, a EP Collection that really helped my heart through the many rifts and waves this year had to offer. While the lyrics that Steph speak are very simple and serene in nature, they really, at their core, help chart a course to navigate the varying waves of emotions that arise through each moment. Even as I sit here writing things, I am humbled.

What brings you life during the ‘rona?

People, seriously I miss you all so much ~










Favorite Austin gallery/venue/art collective… basically who should we be paying attention to?? Talldoor Records and Baked Up have started releasing music, featuring various genres of sounds from local artists. Art Island, Almost Real Things, Shared Frequencies, Baked Up, WeAreConscienceCulture all have been getting innovative with live streams and social distancing focused events. We have many artists keeping the pulse on our local venues alive and strong through the times, while local muralists and photographers band together to paint the city with fresh and exciting art, capturing it’s heart. It’s an exciting time for Austin’s music scene. #saveourstages

What do you want most for 2021?

I would love to see hopes rise through the darkness, hearts open pass all the fears. To see people come together in celebration and joy, while aiming to both heal and understand. There has been so much mental strain, weight, worry, and unsuppressed fear and hate that has been highlighted this year. To believe in the best outcome for all of humanity to come together and thrive.

What do you want to create in 2021? Beyond the music, hush hush. I wish to further create and nurture space so that others can be heard, self-express, and find solace; peace within themselves as life unfolds around them. Power to the peaceful, you know? This year has been so heavy on many, conversation and travel has shown me this.

What do you want to see Art Island do in 2021?

I would love to see a livestream or video takes of Art Islands amazing events. I really feel that we can aim for a style similar to that of what Cercle does for their global events. Also, I absolutely love the food and treats the crew has brought, the world permitting, hopefully being able to return to a little cuisine action. Food is my love language ~

Where can we find your work: (online or IRL)

My artist name is Namūh!

@namuhsoul is my main handle for all the socials @alwaysmoments is where one can peep my photo and multi-media work Bandcamp:






The Cosmic Collaborator Series is a month-long takeover featuring Art Island collaborators from different artistic worlds. We’ll be exploring their art and attitude in the time of the ‘rona. They’ll share their words, their work, and they’ll takeover our stories to showcase a way that they express their art.


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