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Summer Fridays: Sara Aleyce Roma

This week we're showcasing Sara Aleyce Roma; stunning motion graphics artist, poetry enthusiast, and local freelancer! See their full interview below and watch our stories all day for their Summer Fridays takeover!

How do you contribute to Art Island?

I’ve contributed to video showcases at events as well as experimented with fun live visuals for events. Most recently by collaborating with other artists on material art, like swirling paint and macro bubble footage.

Favorite Art Island event you’ve been to and why?

All of the early events at the “island” remain to me a memory of new friends and conversation pockets in the trees. But artistically the first time we had a reel of animation work at an event stands out to me! Meeting people via their art might be my favorite way to find artistic co-conspirators.

What’s keeping you busy work-wise this summer?

Freelance life is a mostly beautiful chaos. Stop-motion lungs, smoothie commercials, music videos, more tutorials, more method-mastering.

What’s keeping you busy outside of work this summer?

I’m currently in an art residency with Museum of Human Achievement “Welcome to my Homepage” creating web exclusive animation and art around themes of body autonomy, muscle memory, and collective action. My first installment “Scrolling Excorcise” will go live this weekend at .

What are your creative goals heading into fall?

Puppets and poetry and bizarre anti-comfy events. Also rolling around on the ground more.

What’s your ideal summer Friday night in Austin look like?

Biking around til sunset, swimming, picnic-moding, some drinks, some art play with friends (little photoshoot, little exquisite corpse, reading to each other, climbing stuff). Then whatever art event, dancing, raving, sunrise barton springs, entering casa de luz like a werewolf recently un-werewolf-ed.

Your favorite place to cool down this year?

Caves. Working towards a full cave passport.

Favorite place for a work lunch in Austin?

Austin Daily Press off MLK secretly the best tuesday thursday deals on tacos and tortas babes

What’s an emerging trend in your industry that we should pay attention to?

Everything generative, every plug-in and utility that adobe hasn’t made, but that improves their products 10-fold. Web animation tools.

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