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Umbrella Canopy
Interactive Art Installation & Experience




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Umbrella Artworks

We returned to The Contemporary Laguna Gloria for year 2 of The Very Rary, an interactive arts experience for families. Building upon our success from last year’s custom commission the Enchanted Wishing Well, Art Island is returning to The Contemporary Laguna Gloria for The Very Rary 2023. We took over a shaded, tree-covered area near the pavilion with a beautiful and interactive art installation made of 100% upcycled adornments plus a custom-composed whimsical soundtrack for experiential enhancement!

The Umbrella Canopy featured 6-8 umbrellas with strands of DIY flower chains hanging down at staggering heights with the ability to glide up and down for additions. The collaborative nature of the event gave us the opportunity to teach and guide simle crafts with kids including paper chains, wooden beads, and foam shapes.  Our teaching was guided by a  magical, original musical composition as a backdrop. 


This year, we put an emphasis on more sustainable materials including upcycled, silk, folded paper, beads and/or non-traditional materials so that the piece became a permanent Art Island piece with longevity in mind.

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