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Summer Fridays: Fire Goddess Morgan Baker

This week we feature Morgan Baker 🔥a graphic + costume designer and Art Island’s resident fire goddess & creative producer. She dedicates every closet in her home to craft supplies, collected fabrics, thrifted gems, and of course, a massive ball bit.

Click the images above or scroll down to read more about Morgan (@morgz_baker) and how she’s staying busy this summer (including both performing in and creatively directing one of our installations at the show July 17th!), and tune into her instagram stories takeover! Give her a follow to keep up to date on her work.

Our team is unique ~ because we bring together many facets of the Austin arts scene to form something fully collaborative. When they’re not creating alongside Art Island, it’s no surprise that our team are thought leaders in their own industries! 🌟

Our Summer Fridays series puts a spotlight on our core team members and what they do when they’re “off” from Art Island events and “on” in their personal life. Tune in every week for a local profile and a day-long stories takeover! 🌴 Interview follows as text:

What do you do at art island?

Creative Producer! Art Island has been the space to bring together all my creative passions with the best team. From designing and planning our next project, to coordinating live talent, sourcing materials or building structures in the rain, I’m inspired by what we do together.

Favorite memory at an art island event?

My favorite memories happen when the time of night is just right to bring the collective energy to the dance floor to just move and be playful. So many blissed out moments seeing all the radiant individuals around me, in their element, moving to their own beat.

What’s keeping you busy work-wise this summer?

All my favorite projects culminate in the summertime when Burning Man (usually) takes place. I’ve been collaborating with PyroTex to bring our full-length theatrical fire production to Austin instead of the playa this year! I was creative lead for the costumes and I’m always sewing together something. Link in bio for info on that event!

What are your creative goals for the season?

I’m always working on my upcycling goals, I challenge myself to work with what I can find on resale. You can find me repurposing found materials into art of all kinds. My creative goals are also my outdoor goals. Nature provides me with endless inspo and I love finding organic materials to incorporate into my art.

What’s your ideal Friday night in Austin look like?

Being an introvert, my ideal Friday night usually involves resting and recharging to set up my weekend full of events and people or personal creative projects!

What community do you admire and we should scope out in Austin? of course. Check out our show July 17!

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