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Summer Fridays: Food Stylist Maite Aizpurua

Our team is unique ~ because we bring together many facets of the Austin arts scene to create something that’s fully collaborative. When they’re not creating alongside our team, it’s no surprise that they are thought leaders in own industries! Our Summer Fridays series puts a spotlight on our core team members and what they do when they’re “off” from Art Island events and “on” in their personal life. Tune in every week for a local profile and a day-long stories takeover!

We’re kicking off our Summer Fridays series with an Austin foodie powerhouse, Maite Aizpurua aka @the.mighty.spoon. At Art Island, she acts as our culinary producer, creating nurtitious and memorable food experiences for all. but when she’s on her own she’s dominating as a food stylist, freelance chef formerly of @oddduck, and ceramicist, blending aesthetic and culinary arts in a way all her own.

Click the images above or scroll down to read more about Maite and how she’s s taying busy this summer, and tune into her instagram stories takeover! Give her a follow to keep up to date on her work. Interview follows as text:

What do you do at art island?

I’m the Culinary Producer for Art Island - bringing food experiences to our community with the goal of incorporating yet another sense into our parties: TASTE! I typically try to include an element of live fire cooking to also spark curiosity for the process of transforming food.

Favorite memory at an art island event?

So many! A moment that stands out right now was at the last Art Island before the pandemic, we had all worked so hard to create our largest event to date, I remember looking down from the top of the hill at the 300+ humans and feeling so grateful for our community and what we can create together.

What’s keeping you busy work-wise this summer?

I am a food stylist, and right now I am working on a cookbook with some amazingly talented people. It’s been a wild ride but we are having so much fun, I feel so lucky!

What are your creative goals for the season?

I want to start hosting pop-ups again. I am working to create Food + Wine & Music pairings with @winerack_soundtrack. DM us to be added to the email list.

What’s your ideal friday night in Austin look like?

Live music, live music, and more live music. Good food, sweet friends, and lots of dancing also, please! Oh, and check my takeover today for a margarita recipe!

What community do you admire and we should scope out in Austin?

Conscious Coven! It’s a safe community that seeks to co-create ritual and skillshare. It was started by two amazing humans @seedofthestar and @zeazia and it was especially sweet to see them continue their efforts to create community online during the pandemic. I really appreciated having this space to feel connected even at a distance.

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