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Summer Fridays: Master Collaborator Rama

🌴This week we feature Rama who lends a helping hand anyway he can for Art Island. On site he helps fuel our creative installations and off site he’s busy renovating a school bus, working tech, and finding tons of different ways to incorporate his creativity into communities.

Swipe to read more about Rama (@ramacidification) and how he’s staying busy this summer.

Our team is unique ~ because we bring together many facets of the Austin arts scene to form something fully collaborative. When they’re not creating alongside Art Island, it’s no surprise that our team are thought leaders in their own industries! 🌟

Our Summer Fridays series puts a spotlight on our core team members and what they do when they’re “off” from Art Island events and “on” in their personal life. Tune in every week for a local profile and a day-long stories takeover! 🌴Interview follows as text:

What do you do at art island?

I try to dabble in any type of art with a theme provided. I have a wild imagination and it really helped to find Art Island as a way to let that creativity out during these hard times. I worked on the “Disco House” for Ascension and I am hoping to get @flightofthe_Tanager going for some parties this fall!

Favorite memory at an art island event?

My favorite memory at Art Island has been the reception I got from everyone when the Disco House was presented. I was able to provide one of the chill spaces for folks to check out the EP AI put out and a way to take themselves back to their childhood with the toys in the Disco House.

What’s keeping you busy work-wise this summer?

My summer and fall work is going to be building out Tanager, the bus. Right now, it’s been very much about getting the bus ready for implementing the layout and designs I have racing in my brain. Wait, is this about work-work or fun-work? For work-work, I work in tech supporting the project that oversees

What are your creative goals for the season?

I dream of creating masterpieces to call my own, so this season my creative goals are to build bigger and brighter. Luckly, I have the bus to turn into my mural.

What’s your ideal Friday night in Austin look like?

My ideal Friday night starts with drumming with the Barton Springs drum circle and followed by grabbing some tasty dinner on the Eastside. No, the night doesn’t end there, on the way to higher highs by going to live music and then topping off the night with a dance off at Volstead, White Horse or Barbs.

What community do you admire and we should scope out in Austin?

I have really been enjoying going to the Barton Springs drum circle. They have similar vibes to Art Island and really bring the beats when everyone is in the zone. When things get to normal, and we can have weekend long AI party sessions, bringing them in for a day time collaborative jam session would be amazing to hear and feel.

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