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Summer Fridays: Visionary Builder Ryan Brewer

Our team is unique ~ because we bring together many facets of the Austin arts scene to form something fully collaborative. When they’re not creating alongside Art Island, it’s no surprise that our team are thought leaders in their own industries! 🌟

Our Summer Fridays series puts a spotlight on our core team members and what they do when they’re “off” from Art Island events and “on” in their personal life. Tune in every week for a local profile and a day-long stories takeover! 🌴

This week features visionary builder, Ryan Brewer. On-site, he’s busy designing and bringing to life structures for Art Island events. Offsite, he still finds time to create by doing freelance woodwork and making music with his band.

Click the images above or scroll down to read more about Ryan (@gary.jarcia) and how he’s staying busy this summer, and tune into his Instagram stories takeover all day today! Give him a follow to keep up to date on his work. Interview follows as text:

What do you do at art island?

I specialize in woodworking, and I help design, build, and create structures that Art Islanders use to present their artwork. From larger projects like a DJ booth made of reclaimed pallets and an 8-ft effigy that will be set on fire next week, to smaller projects like wooden stands that display the artists’ statements.

Favorite memory at an art island event?

The epic hangout in the teapi at the February 2020 event. As the party went later and later into the night, the temperature dropped and eventually almost everyone attending piled into the teapi to stay warm. The vibes were reeaally good in there.

What’s keeping you busy work-wise this summer?

The first big project of the summer was completing a 100% custom-made van buildout for a couple here in Austin that wanted to turn their Sprinter van into an off-grid camping adventure bus. The project finished up 2 weeks ago, so now it’s time to finish recording and mixing the new album for my band Calliope Musicals. I’ve also been combining my woodworking skills with my background in acoustics to produce a few sound diffusion panels for local recording studios.

What are your creative goals for the season?

Finally getting back on the road and playing music for people is the main goal. While I do love building things, music is my real passion. I’ve been a touring musician since I was 18, and after a year and a half without shows it feels so good to finally be able to play for people again. As we finish our new record we’re also fine-tuning in our live show to make it bigger and better than ever.

What’s your ideal Friday night in Austin look like?

If not playing a show on Red River, I’d like to be making a badass dinner with my squad before taking a late night swim. Late late night debauchery at Outer Heaven is optional.

What community do you admire and we should scope out in Austin?

The Ecstatic Dance community here in Austin was amazing before the Covid shutdown brought it to a halt. My partner and I had just started going every week when the lockdowns started, so she and I are really hoping it comes back in some form soon! The space they had created always felt very inclusive, safe, and inspiring.

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